New Spring Break Trend


April 25, 2017

An alternative kind of spring break vacation is now trending for college students! GRID’s Solar Spring Break is gaining popularity as college students seek more meaningful ways to spend their vacation time.  Students from colleges all around the country are taking the opportunity to spend their spring break vacation experiencing new cultures, making the world a better place, and having their education come to life with a volunteer experience that allows them to learn and serve.

Last week, seven students from California State University, East Bay (CSU East Bay) spent their spring break participating in projects that allowed them to donate their time and service.  Students had the opportunity to experience a new community from a rooftop vantage point and learn about alternative energy.  Students installed a solar system for one of GRID’s qualifying families.  Their efforts helped improve air quality through solar installation as well as planting trees at the San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust, a non-profit, public benefit corporation working to protect the San Joaquin River.

CSU East Bay students were tired but gratified after a hard day of community service.  Approximately 80 new Mulberry, Scrub Oak and other saplings were planted in the parkway thanks to the hard working hands of the students. Most of the students are studying Environmental Sciences and are interested in learning about ecology, history, and the agricultural impact of the river.  Their hope is to provide service that helps perpetuate lasting benefits to the river’s ecosystem.

Students also toured Big Creek Power Plant and learned about hydroelectricity.  Andy McMillan, representing Southern California Edison provided a tour of the facility and stated that the facility had “the hardest working water in the world.”  Andy further stated, “You can go to the beach any day.  Touring Big Creek is a once in a lifetime experience.” 
Elin Svedberg, one of CSU East Bay’s students was glad she chose to participate in alternative spring break this year. Carys Evans participated in Solar Spring Break last year and wanted to share the experience with others.  She returned this year, bringing as many classmates as she could convince to join her. Brenda Delgadillo a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science said,   “We get to apply our knowledge and see how it connects to real world situations.  It’s a great opportunity!”