Staff Spotlight: Daniel Lomas

Waking up to the sound of farm animals and roosters crowing, Daniel Lomas' childhood was an exciting one. He was born in Los Angeles but grew up on a family farm in Jalisco, Mexico. When most kids his age were enjoying their summer break with pool parties and vacations, he was breaking a sweat learning how to work the land with his parents. His chores varied from milking cows to making cheese and tending to the crops. When time permitted, he was often seen riding bulls around the property.

After life on the farm, Daniel attended Universidad Autonoma Chapingo where he earned his engineering degree. His heart for adventure and a desire for a new life lead him back to California. He quickly settled in Parlier, California where one of his siblings was living. He attended Reedley College to improve his English while working at packing houses and cattle ranches. He later found Proteus which had a solar program and it reminded him of his previous fascination with solar.  Daniel's journey here at GRID started in Oakland back in 2015. When a position became available at GRID Central Valley, he made the transfer a few years later. 

The pandemic, although mostly terrible, has taught us many things. The term “essential worker” entered our minds and made us appreciate the people who were “essential”. These individuals are the hands and feet of any business or organization and without them, production would simply stop. Daniel Lomas is more than essential to us. He's a pillar that's hidden behind walls but without his support, our organization would suffer greatly. 

The hard work ethic he learned growing up prepared him well for the role he’s serving now. No matter if it's freezing temperatures in the winter or scorching heat in the summer, he shows up and delivers time and time again. He’s responsible for the safety and training of our IBT 200 trainees. He makes sure that the installation is successful so homeowners can start saving money without delay. In our eyes, he’s more than essential. He’s irreplaceable. On behalf of GRID Central Valley, we would like to take the opportunity to honor him for all that he does for GRID. Daniel Lomas, Solar Installation Supervisor #irreplaceable