Staff Spotlight: Ken Mull

He loves his family, his work, and football! Is there anything more American than that? He is happily married to his beautiful wife, Nicole, and together, they have a young daughter. Residential and Commercial Field Manager Ken Mull is living the dream, but life hasn't always been this sweet. 

Ken had goals to achieve, and he knew he had to work hard to accomplish them. Before GRID Alternatives, he was working two jobs. He worked sanitation for Foster Farms and installed solar part-time for a contractor. When his solar gig ran out of work, as luck would have it, GRID had a position open in construction. After two rounds of interviews, Ken got hired. It's been nearly seven years, and since then, he's earned his way into management, where he sits now. 

Ken loves his work, so he thinks about GRID often, even when he is not in the office. But when he's not thinking about work, he enjoys planning incredible vacations for his family! Recently, they went to Disneyland, where Ken allowed his inner child to become a Jedi Knight! He also appreciates the outdoors when he is not with his family. He likes fishing, camping, and sports. His favorite team is the world-champion San Francisco Forty-Niners! 

GRID Alternatives Central Valley would like to honor and thank Residential and Commercial Field Manager Ken Mull for his hard work and dedication. We appreciate your sacrifices and the long days you've put in.