Staff Spotlight: Sergio Ramirez De Jesus

After four years working in the sales industry and a new baby on the way, it was time for Sergio De Jesus to start looking for a career with benefits and a stable income. He was referred to GRID Alternatives by his cousin, who was finishing out his fellowship term through the SolarCorps program.  SolarCorps is an 11-month fellowship (paid training program) where individuals have the unique opportunity to learn about the solar industry and grow the skills they need to be successful. After hearing about this opportunity from his cousin and talking it over with his wife, he too, decided to join GRID via our fellowship program.

During his 11-months, the potential he possessed was quickly noticed by Outreach Manager Tom Esqueda, and at the end of his SolarCorps term he was offered a permanent position with GRID. Sergio joined the ranks as an Outreach Coordinator, and he’s been serving in that position with us ever since. Everyone at GRID Alternatives has a role to play, but Outreach Coordinators are essential. They are out in the community attending tabling events for solar installation leads and making cold calls. In many cases, they are the first contact that our clients have with GRID and during the application process, they keep in contact with the clients every step of the way, making sure all the documents are gathered and submitted to be approved for the solar to be installed on their home. The Business Marketing Degree that Sergio has from University of California - Fresno (CSUF) is an asset, we’re so grateful to have him on our team!

It’s been a few years since he started working for GRID Alternatives. The baby that was on the way, is nearly two years old and Sergio and his wife have just greeted a new little girl in their family too. Reflecting on his journey so far, it’s given him a new mindset. One that sees our clients as people, and not just another number. Working for a non-profit, he now understands that we’re community driven and not profit driven. He shares with us that he plans on staying with GRID and hopefully move into management one day.