Training, Graduation... Employed

There are people in your circle that you would invite to your kid's birthday party, but you wouldn't ask them to go fishing with you, and that's okay. Darnell Asberry is the type of person you would invite to every occasion. His friendly personality is approachable, and he's one of those people you can appreciate in any situation… Okay, perhaps not in all cases. Especially if you're playing a game of Call of Duty and you're on the enemy squad. 

Growing up, his dad was his most excellent support system, and he encouraged Darnell to play all kinds of sports. He was a natural athlete. His father was an electrician by profession, and Darnell wanted to be just like him. Unfortunately, his father died during one of the most critical times in a young man's life, his high school years. It was devastating, but with the help of his aunts, he was able to pull through. 

Before training with GRID Alternatives, Darnell was at a point where he wanted something meaningful but didn't know what that looked like. His investigation led him to WestCare, who referred him to GRID for Installation Basics Training (IBT 200.) He had no expectations coming in but was concerned with a possibility of failing. We're proud to announce that he completed the program in September and is employed. "Give the Instructors a raise," Darnell said with a smile. He thanked the instructors for being patient and always having a positive attitude.