Training in Solar Installation - IBT 200

Eight years after her passing, Tyrie Cyrus continues to honor his beloved mother.  It was the first day of Installation Basics Training (IBT 200) and Tyrie brought two things with him, a great attitude and song he recorded for her. It was a difficult time for him not being able to be there during her passing. To encapsulate his thoughts and emotions, ink and paper became his outlet. The song gave off a rapper vibe similar to Tupac’s Dear Mama and we hope it goes viral one day.

He was working for a warehouse liquidator when he heard about IBT 200.  Like many of our trainees, he was referred to us by someone who believes in our program. When asked about his experience, Tyrie had no expectations coming into IBT. He was simply grateful to be in the program and excited to learn and soak up everything he could. He felt that we embraced him and didn’t feel any racial inequality while he was here. “Loved on” was expressed and I believe he meant it.

After graduation he was able to obtain a job working in the solar industry, Tyrie has a new identity with solar. He’s currently working on a commercial project in the Central California’s South Valley with a few of his classmates.  When asked to reflect about his journey, Tyrie's thoughts came right back to the training center. He feels accomplished and proud that he didn’t let us down. His goals are to continue growing his skills with clean energy and to create music with positive energy.

"Thank you to the Salal Foundation for supporting GRID Alternatives Central Valley's Job Training Programs like IBT 200"