Nonprofit install: There's a market for change at this community center going solar

This week, you'll spot spot familiar GRID Alternatives staff faces high above the streetscape of Vermont. Construction team members are working on a brand new system designed for South Los Angeles, which will equip the Paul Robeson Community Wellness Center to expand its onsite services. Installation is possible here because of our partnership with Women In Non Traditional Employment Roles (WINTER), a fantastic organization that's been ensuring women's success on their journey to a career since 1996.

The Paul Robeson Community Wellness Center offers a hub for help and activities that its underserved surrounding neighborhoods need. In an area where good food options are scarce, the center gets everything from healthy produce to freshly-made drinks. In a time when growing numbers of private spaces for individuals and the community are exclusive and unaffordable, the center honors Robeson's vision by including everyone. And during days when people in South L.A. might suffer from underinvestment, the walls of the Paul Robeson Center provide safety where a community can commit to fighting for justice. That's been true for years and years!

Now, the center's grounds are all the more forward-looking thanks to some new GRID additions. An electric vehicle charger will provide fuel from the sun. And twelve solar panels installed by local women will keep the marketplace's energy usage sustainable for the hot months ahead! What's more, money that Community Services Unlimited Inc. saves on the space's utility bills will go to its core mission.

This fall, we plan to showcase what's going on at the PRCWC for the people of Los Angeles! Solar and EV charging will be shining testaments to the center's commitment to bettering our environment. Thanks to WINTER for partnering on an exciting step for South L.A.