[IBT 200 First Cohort Series, Part 1] What is IBT 200?

Due to the high interest in our new Installation Basics Training 200 program here in the Inland Empire, we’re launching a short series of stories on our website to answer the most popular questions. We'll also cover the challenges and opportunities of IBT 200 and get first-hand recounts from our first class of graduates!

This is the first in the series "What is IBT 200?".

IBT 200 Training

IBT 200 students learning crucial wiring skills

In 2023, GRID IE’s Workforce Team trained over 344 community members through paid internships, the Solar Futures program, virtual training, and IBT 200.

Since the launch of GRID IE's Clean Tech Training Center (CTTC) in 2022, our Workforce Team has redefined how the Inland Empire is included in a growing, clean energy economy that benefits all. Neil Warren, our Solar Installation Training Officer, instructed our historic first class of IBT 200 students in preparation for a solar showcase with potential employers on their graduation day.

During the 200 hours of training, our IBT 200 students dove headlong into a full-time, 5-week course covering the complete installation of photovoltaic systems—both in the classroom and working alongside our professional Construction Team in the field. Its extensive syllabus includes learning objectives such as safety, construction and electricity basics, installation, commissioning, operations and maintenance, and employment readiness.

Throughout the course, strict grading factors ensured that trainees were fully prepared for rewarding and demanding careers in the solar industry. A combination of daily quizzes, a written final exam, individual skills demonstration (Capstone), attendance, and punctuality are all built into the curriculum.

Stay tuned for more in our IBT 200 series—discover who IBT 200 is designed for and the challenges and opportunities as told by our graduates.

IBT 200 Training

Our 2023 IBT 200 graduation class

Enjoy a sneak-peak of the exclusive interviews with our IBT 200 grads–who you’ll meet in our next story:

What was one of your favorite moments about week one?

  • Realizing that I can do this. It’s rewarding being able to learn and retain–I feel like I can be successful. – Jeffrey

Your best memory from the past 5 weeks?

  • The amount of feedback and attentiveness to what I’m feeling. It's great having my voice be heard and valued. – Rio

3 words to describe yourself during week one of IBT 200

  • Motivated, excited, in a place to learn and make mistakes. – Marco

3 words to describe yourself after completing IBT 200

  • Accomplished, ready to take anything on, relaxed. – Marco

Is there anyone from GRID IE you want to shout out?

  • The whole staff was great. You can tell the Workforce and Construction Teams love what they do. They're dedicated, and that makes coming in every day a lot better. I have so much respect for Neil–his passion and knowledge for the whole trade is something I aspire to. – Jeffrey