Spotlight: GRID IE Board of Directors


December 23, 2019
from left to right Alex Saucedo, Jaime Alonso, Michelle Pierce, George Puddephatt, and Blaine Boyer

The Inland Empire branch of GRID Alternatives was established in 2011, but received its affiliation in August 2018. GRID IE also formed a Board of Directors made up of individuals who are environmental advocates to serve as an advisory board to GRID IE. 

Michelle Pierce has a background in electrical engineering with municipal electric utilities and is an electrical vehicle consultant with her firm, EV Nirvana LLC. George Puddephatt has 27 years of expertise as a non-profit social service administrator and special needs housing provider and developer, an entrepreneur, with nine years in Workforce Development as an industry specialist in renewable energy. Blaine Boyer has an MBA with a background in education. He also has 25 years of experience as a teacher for high school at-risk youth. Alex Saucedo has worked in the financial services field for over 10 years. He currently works for U.S. Bank in private banking and wealth management. 

GRID IE recently asked the board members about their thoughts on the impact that renewable energy is having on the economy — especially in our local region — and the role that GRID is making. 

Michelle: GRID IE plays a very important role in the Inland Empire. The region has the most availability of sunshine and some of the highest densities of income challenged neighborhoods. Helping people who can least afford high electric bills, with some of the hottest summers in the region is a tremendous help to getting families out of economic challenging situations. 

George: Renewable energy has a profound impact on our region by providing clean sources of energy, reducing our carbon footprint, providing job training to students and job seekers, and creating jobs that strengthen our economy. GRID Alternatives is a leader in demonstrating these vital environmental and economic benefits that reach all residents of our region and beyond. 

Blaine: It is a tremendous opportunity to be a leader in helping people, not always served, to participate in a revolution that is changing how we source energy. We are helping the inland empire to be a leader in the environmentally positive use of solar as well as establishing tomorrow’s solar workforce. 

Alex: I believe that GRID plays a huge role in renewable energy in the Inland Empire. 

Blaine said he joined the Board at GRID because he wanted to do all that he could to continue the success of an organization that he respected and wanted to return back a little of what they had given to him and his students. The rest of the board echoed the same sentiments. “It is an honor to serve with the dedicated professionals of GRID Alternatives in doing the meaningful and impactful work of the organization,” stated George. 

If you are interested in serving on GRID IE’s Board of Directors, contact our Executive Director Jaime Alonso at (Click here for Board bios).