Tesla Helps Make Energy Saving Possible for Jurupa Resident


October 22, 2018

Davetta Simpson has been a resident of Jurupa for 18 years. A mother of two with two grandchildren, she first heard about GRID through her participation in Community Action Partnership (CAP) Riverside’s home weatherization program. Her installer shared information about GRID Alternatives Energy for All program, which would help her reduce her energy cost. She contacted GRID to see if she qualified and she did.

Davetta, who lives on a fixed income, said she always thought about solar prior to contacting GRID but it seemed out of reach for her financially. When she learned that she would qualify for GRID’s Energy for All solar program, she was ecstatic. “The electric bill is always a burden, particularly in the summertime due to temperatures reaching the triple digits. The savings will help tremendously with my household budget,” said Davetta.

The Simpson family recently received a new 13-panel solar system (3.705 kW) and it was installed with the help of volunteers from Association of Women in Water, Energy, and Environment (AWWEE), a non-profit organization that provides educational resources and training to women in sustainable energy fields. GRID Alternative’s Women in Solar program, is an initiative that provides free hands-on training and creates a pathway to technical careers for women in solar. Special guests in attendance were Assembly Member Sabrina Cervantes, who got on the roof and helped lay one of the solar panels, as well as representatives from Tesla, and ten volunteers from AWWEE.

The Simpson family will save in excess of $27,000 in savings during the lifetime of their new Solar PV system. That is equivalent to 53 tons of greenhouse gases prevented in the atmosphere, taking 10 cars off the road for a year, and planting 1,228 trees. The Simpson family will own the system with no third party owner.

To see if you qualify for a no-cost solar system through GRID Alternatives Energy for All Program, visit www.gridsolar.org, or call 1-866-921-4696.