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What do basketball star Bill Walton, twenty NRG Home Solar employees, and a baker in San Francisco have in common? The question might sound like the lead-in to a joke, but the answer is actually a pretty serious matter. The common thread between these people is a commitment to making solar power more accessible. Read More >
Job trainees from CET volunteer and learn with GRID. Project made possible by The 11th Hour Project, a program of The Schmidt Family Foundation. Read More >
San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood, named for the sweeping views of the San Francisco Bay from its hilltop perch, was once one of the city’s most polluted. Today, with 130 GRID Alternatives solar electric systems producing clean power for residents, it is a showcase for the success of the city and state’s investment in low-income solar. Read More >
SunEdison and GRID Alternatives announced an expanded partnership through RISE, a new national initiative to build a more inclusive solar workforce and connect an industry that needs good people with communities that need good jobs. Read More >
As we hit the roof running with our first solar installations of 2015, w Read More >
Over the course of two weeks, Rising Sun Energy Center partnered with GRID Alternatives Bay Area for a GRID-customized intensive solar PV training course to supplement their pre-apprenticeship program that prepares adults for careers in construction, energy efficiency, and the solar industry. Unsurprisingly, the students benefited most from connecting classroom experience to the hands-on work GRID provides! Read More >
Now employed at SolarCity, Frank Ross jet-set his solar career in just a few months through certification as a GRID roof and ground Team Leader -- giving him a competitive edge over other applicants. Frank shares his experience with GRID volunteers seeking a solar career. His advice? Learn by teaching others. Read More >
Did you know that GRID partners with community colleges, nonprofit job training groups, other nonprofits, and local government agencies to provide real-world skills to supplement classroom experience? This month City College of San Francisco students connected their classroom studies to the real deal on a two-day live install! Read More >
At GRID, customer testimonial is the greatest way we find new clients to serve. One client from 2012 shared her story with other homeowners in partnership with the Oakland Housing Authority. Her GRID story has convinced others of the benefits of solar and now seven new Oakland clients have solarized their rooftops in just three months! Read More >


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