City of Richmond Celebrates Nevin Resilience Hub Power-Up

In an effort to fortify the city of Richmond, California against extreme heat, the city joined forces with PG&E, Rebuilding Together East Bay-North, and GRID Alternatives Bay Area to create the Nevin Resilience Hub located in Nevin Park.

“The Nevin Resilience Hub exemplifies our community’s spirit of innovation, collaboration, and care for one another,” said Mayor Eduardo Martinez. The collaborative effort with dedicated partners showcases a shared vision for a stronger, brighter future for Richmond.

Extreme heat poses serious health risks, including heat-related illnesses such as heat cramps, exhaustion, and stroke. Despite Richmond’s usual cooler climate, extreme heat can significantly impact communities less accustomed to it, especially those lacking access to air conditioning. Nevin Park, identified as a high-priority heat vulnerability area by both Contra Costa County and the state, exemplifies the critical need for such initiatives.[LIG1] 

The Nevin Resilience Hub is outfitted with solar panels and power stations and poised to support residents during extreme heat by energizing vital appliances like refrigerators for medicine storage or powering essential medical equipment and devices. Additionally, the hub boasts retractable shades coupled with misting tubes, providing cooling relief amidst searing heat waves.

The partnership not only facilitated the hub’s creation but also provided valuable workforce development opportunities to unsheltered residents. Through GRID Alternatives Bay Area, the solar technology powering the hub was conceptualized and supplied, marking a milestone in community-driven climate resilience.

For GRID Alternatives Bay Area this is a great example of community partnerships aimed toward a just and equitable future powered by renewable energy while making sure that nobody is left behind.