Looking back, looking forward


April 04, 2013

As we’'ve been rallying support for the Equitable Access to Solar Energy Bill (AB 217), which would allow more low-income families and communities to benefit from solar power, we’ve been looking back at we’ve accomplished over the years. We have received hundreds of support letters from GRID families telling us how solar has helped them and advocating for the extension of California’s solar rebate program.

“I shall forever be so grateful for my solar [system], it is serving my family so well,” says Ms. Hill of Oakland. The Hill family, pictured above, has been solar-powered for nearly two years now and their system is estimated to save them nearly $44,000 over its lifetime.

Those are real savings that help real families. As one Oakland homeowner explained on her support letter:

As a single mom of 2 young children with the expenses saved through the SASH program, I have finally been able to bypass my weekly scrounging for hit-or-miss hand-me-down items at my local childcare nonprofit. I can finally afford clothes and shoes that actually fit my children, warm winter clothes and rain boots. In addition, I do not have to fit my children in patched up pants while all their peers wear decent clothes. I truly believe having relied upon hand-me-downs before, my oldest child's feet and gait have been adversely affected. So the monthly SASH savings is priceless to me. Even better is that I once believed green was something I could not afford with my income. SASH made it possible.”

We are so honored to have worked with all of our GRID families and have them support such important legislation. If you would like to lend your voice to this effort so that we can provide solar energy to more families in the future, please download our fact sheet, sample letter of support and instructions for submission.