Many hands make "bright" work

I would like to say thank you to the strong group of volunteers and job trainees that I have met this past year as the Workforce and Volunteer Fellow at GRID Alternatives Bay Area. I am continuously humbled by your heart and passion for the communities we serve and the hope of a cleaner environment. Since I was hired a year ago, together in the Bay Area you have volunteered 3,123 hours, helping us install 134 systems that will save over $3.6 million for the families while preventing nearly 7,519 tons of carbon emissions. This is the carbon offset is the equivalent of planting over 174,906 trees.

There are some special highlights of volunteers bringing warmth to my soul. Like Michael Johnson, the Climate Rider on a Trans-America tour for GRID Alternatives. His dedication, kindness and grit touched the hearts of GRID community as he rode to all 11 GRID offices (CA all the way to NY and between). Read his story here.  

My first group of volunteers at GRID were 10 women that participated in our two-week long Women in Solar training. They were curious, relentlessly hard working and many of them still help out at GRID a year later. They were so inspiring that we are holding another Women in Solar training this year at the beginning of December. Read more about the program here.  

Finally, one volunteer was so outstanding we had to add her to the team. After attending a program at a local partnering job training organization, Rising Sun Energy Center, Irene Toledo continued to get involved with GRID’s outreach and volunteerism efforts. She now joins us to help out for a few months as the Volunteer and Development Assistant. Read about her journey here

Thank you to each of you for helping us accomplish our mission. I hope to see you all more as I continue on working with GRID as the Bay Area Workforce Development Coordinator.

In appreciation,

Daisy Meyer