IBT 200: Skills Trainees Learn

Central Valley's IBT 200 trainees learn safely, following GRID's COVID policies
Join us for 5 weeks of hands-on solar installation training!

Join us for 5 weeks of hands-on training! 

Solar Installation Basics Training (IBT) 200 participants grow skill sets in residential solar installation over 5 intense weeks of hands-on training. Upon successful completion of IBT 200 participants earn industry-relevant skill certificates by demonstrating competency in real-world solar installations. Trainees also have the opportunity to showcase their newly developed skills to potential employers during the final week of training. Read more about GRID's Employer Showcase!   

Trainee demonstrating proper fall protection

Job Site Safety

  • Set up and explain OSHA requirements of proper ladder use
  • Demonstrate and encourage adherence to Heat Illness Prevention Plan and compliance with site safety plan during install
  • Demonstrate and explain proper use of PPE consistently and proper use of Power Tools

Fall Protection

  • Install, under supervision, fall protection to manufacturer's specifications
  • Demonstrate and encourage fall protection safety during the installation 

Racking Installation

  • Maintain weatherproofing and water shedding integrity
  • Install stand-offs and flashings to manufacturer's specifications
  • Cut and splice rails to manufacturer's specifications
  • Install and align rails to manufacturer's specifications

Array Layout 

  • Translate array layout plan to roof/ground considering setbacks and shade
  • Mark layout for array and racking installation
  • Locate rafter center and mark misses

Electrical Wiring

  • Prepare and execute wire pull
  • Wire and bond equipment grounding conductor at rails and boxes
  • Wire junction boxes and disconnects

Conduit Bending and Installation

  • Cut, ream, measure, and bend conduit for 90 degree angle, saddle bends, offsets, and kicks
  • Install flashing for stub up to manufacturer's specifications
  • Install conduit to NEC Code including appropriate strapping and fittings
Trainees learn wiring techniques at the warehouse

Module Installation

  • Install and align modules to manufacturer's specifications
  • Manage module leads/wire
  • Ensure end and mid-clamps are properly seated and torqued

Gain real world skills

  • Site Analysis
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Client communication
  • Team work
  • Problem solving
  • Basic math skills 
  • Networking
  • Mentorship