Installation Basics Training (IBT) 200 Showcase & Success Stories

large group of men conducting an informal meeting

Showcase your skills for employers! 


At the completion of the Installation Basics Training (IBT) 200 program GRID Alternatives provides the unique opportunity for trainees to demonstrate skill sets for employers during our Showcase event. Local employers are invited to meet the trainees and observe their skills in action. Employers in attendance receive trainee resumes, contact information and list of skills trainees have acquired during 5-week course. 

As the solar industry continues to grow and develop, employers are looking to hire well trained and dedicated individuals to meet consumer demand. GRID trainees learn the value of dedication, teamwork, punctuality, and endurance through an intense 5-weeks of hands-on training. By installing on residential rooftops within the Central Valley, trainees become acclimated to the high heat and other natural elements. Working in small groups trainees learn the value of teamwork, timeliness and accountability, leading to successful transitions into the thriving solar industry.