Adult Business of Excellence Award


November 30, 2018

On December 4th, 2018, GRID Central Valley will be awarded the 2018 Quarterly Employer of Excellence award presented by the Fresno Regional Workforce Development Board (FRWDB).

The award, designed to recognize the important role that business plays in providing employment opportunities to job seekers. Qualities of an “Adult Business of Excellence” include those that provide a work environment that allows employees to thrive and grow in the career, those that go the extra mile to hire, retain, and promote employees, and those that provide training and benefits.

The award demonstrates a commitment to Workforce Connection job seekers. The eligibility criteria include:

· Be available to attend a Fresno County Board of Supervisors or Fresno City Council meeting to receive recognition.

· Be in good standing with the FRWDB for a minimum of two years (no failed On the Job Training (OJT), no unresolved employee complaints).

· Have been in business a minimum of two years.

· Be rated by the Talent Management Specialist (TMS) as a “Platinum Business.”

· Demonstrate a commitment to employee support and development.

· Demonstrate a commitment to utilizing FRWDB resources to help their business grow.

Submissions of nomination of the “Quarterly Employer of Excellence award” include businesses throughout Fresno County.

“This award by the Workforce Development Board is an honor in recognition of the work we do in serving our community and developing more employment opportunities in the future”, stated Tom Esqueda, Executive Director, GRID Alternatives Central Valley.