Charging Up the Community: Rebates for electric vehicle (EV) charging for the community

As more drivers transition to electric vehicles, access to electric vehicles (EV) chargers at businesses, multi-family housing, and other community locations is more important than ever.

Through the Communities in Charge incentive program, businesses, Tribes, local agencies, nonprofits, schools, multi-family properties, healthcare facilities and congregations can add level 2 EV chargers to their property at little to no cost. In addition, rebates for Direct Current (DC) fast chargers are also available through the CALeVIP incentive program.

GRID’s Clean Mobility team is working to ensure that all communities have access to these incentives and the benefits of clean transportation. GRID provides no-cost technical assistance, incentive application resources, and support throughout your EV charging journey.

This spring, GRID worked with Glad Tidings Church, a cornerstone of the Hayward community since 1978, to receive $220,000 in rebates for DC fast chargers as part of a larger project to make Glad Tidings a renewable energy hub for the community.

“GRID Alternatives was instrumental in providing technical assistance to Glad Tidings to access EV charging rebates. Their expertise and guidance enabled Glad Tidings to navigate the application process of the rebate program seamlessly, and GRID worked with us to ensure we had supporting documents and were up to date on all deadlines. Thanks to GRIDs’ support, Glad Tidings will receive $220,000 as a rebate to provide EV charging infrastructure and promote sustainable transportation in the community. The project is set to begin in September 2023.”

  • Lex Stanley, Gemini Energy Solutions

To contact GRID’s Clean Mobility team to learn more or to get started with a project, email or or call (510) 646-8208.