Duke University Student Returns to the Central Valley


January 29, 2018

Anuj Thakkar grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina and since he was a child has always had an interest in energy. He had a journal where he would write down different ideas that came to him on the subject and still has it to this day. As he grew older, his fascination with energy continued to grow as well and he discovered he has a passion for renewable energy, battery storage technologies, and micro grid solutions. He currently attends Duke University, studying mechanical engineering and plans to minor in electrical engineering. While attending school he found out about a Solar Spring Break opportunity with the Central Valley GRID Alternatives office and came out in 2017. GRID’s mission resonated with him and he loved being able to learn about solar while also helping low-income families. 


After his experience with GRID’s Solar Spring Break Program, he kept in touch with staff at the Central Valley office and was able to make another trip to California thanks to the Benjamin N. Duke (BN) Scholarship, which helps fund work on community initiatives. He wanted to learn more of the construction and design side of solar and has continued learning by getting hands on experience going on site visits to client’s homes ensuring the locations are solar appropriate. In conjunction with the site visits, Anuj is taking the information gathered from them to design the layout of the array and is enjoying the challenge. Anuj sees the importance of advancing clean renewable energy to help not only the people of the world, but also the planet and is excited to be a part of this movement.