Getting the Reed family a needed "win"


April 23, 2013

Meet the Reed family. Life has been a struggle the last several years for this Visalia family. Scott Reed wanted to share his family’s story and spread his appreciation for GRID Alternatives. 


My name is Scott Reed, I am originally from Philadelphia and I am currently a Chief in the United States Navy. I have been in the Navy for over 12 years and have been stationed in Lemoore, California for the last 10 years.

 My wife’s name is Meyling; we have been married for 10 years. We have a nine year old daughter named Alisa. In 2008 Meyling was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent chemotherapy and doctors removed the tumor. But, in October 2010 Meyling was re diagnosed with breast cancer only this time it migrated to her lower spinal cord. The doctors told us that they cannot remove the cancer from her spine and that it is terminal. In the last eight months, Meyling has had two back surgeries to prevent her spine from collapsing. Meyling is on heavy medication and is unable to get around on her own and needs assistance to get out of bed and to perform most normal tasks.

The system from GRID Alternatives will help ease some of the financial strain from medical bills that has been put on our family.

Fortunately, the Reed family heard about GRID Alternatives from a family friend and decided to pick up the phone to call the GRID Alternatives Central Valley office. The family soon received the call they were anticipating, and qualified through the Single-family Affordable Solar Homes program administered by GRID Alternatives. “"We needed a win, my wife is real sick, and it was a sigh of relief to hear we would receive solar and how it would relieve a tremendous amount stress from bills,”" said Scott Reed.

Scott helped install the solar electric system with Proteus students that are studying coursework in solar. The students gained valuable job training skills installing 16 SunPower panels and an SMA America inverter, while taking part in a project that would help ease the financial strain from medical bills on the Reed family. The family is very thankful for GRID Alternatives, its volunteers, and all its supporters. 

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