Janis is Focusing on “Living within her Means”

“Miss Parks” is what her students would call her when she used to teach as a substitute teacher for Fresno Unified School District. Retired since 2016, she now stays busy hanging out with her grandchildren and volunteering to teach Sunday school at her local church. Although retirement is something she looked forward to, it also means that she needs to stay focused on “living within her means.” This is very important since she must stay within her budget to exist on the social security and a small pension that she receives monthly. A self-proclaimed pessimist, Janis always wanted solar for her home, but weary about it, especially a no cost solar system.

That’s when GRID Alternatives entered the picture. Janis was referred to GRID by a friend who had a system installed by GRID.  Aracely Rodriquez, one of the Outreach Coordinator at the Central Valley Office, contacted Janis and after a few days of talking with her, she was on board.

Janis is looking forward to continually seeing the reduced utility bills that she’ll be receiving. This month’s bill is just $5.00 and hopefully, the savings that she receives will bring more joy into her holiday season.  Most of all, more optimism in her life. Janis is just one of the many people that GRID Alternatives are honored to help save on their utility bill to provide a better quality of life.