Local Students Giving Back to the Community


February 28, 2020
Volunteers at a solar installation

California State University, Fresno, (CSUF) has been committed to improving students education while helping the community in the Central Valley. Every year, thousands of students choose to volunteer in many different ways, giving back to the community. According to the Jan and Bud Richter Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning, CSUF has provided over one million hours of service here in California’s central valley. This year, CSUF students from the Business Department and Contracture Department have been helping us with our solar installations, including the 3.5 kilowatt system for the Garza family home. The family  received the system at no cost and will have an expected net savings of $20,395.26 over the lifetime of the system. One of the CSUF students was pleased to come and volunteer because a solar installation was a new experience for him and is now looking forward to continuing to volunteer with GRID Alternatives to help promote our vision and mission. Another volunteer from the marketing project needed the volunteer hours, but after his volunteering experience, he discovered he liked it and is looking forward to the next project. 

California State University, Fresno students have helped many nonprofits in the Central Valley and GRID Alternatives is proud to say that we are one of them.