Long Journey to Call Fresno Home

Arriving in the United States in 1979, homeowner Tony Hang and his family were among the first Hmong refugees to receive asylum. The family spent some years out of state but, for the most part, made Fresno their home. Between Tony and his wife, Arlena, they raised seven children together. Professionally, he was a farmer, a business owner and worked at Pelco, Inc. before Schneider Electric took over ownership of the company. Now retired, he spends his days tending to their home garden and making any contraption his wife asks for.

In the Hmong culture, one of the sons will live with the parents and provide care as they age. The individual who accepted that responsibility is Tony's youngest son, Joshua Hang. Joshua remembered seeing GRID Alternatives on Reddit and called us after researching our organization and the work that we do. One challenging aspect of giving away a system at no cost is that people don't believe it. Faced with the same resistance from family and friends, Joshua thoroughly read the contracts before giving his blessing.

We were nervous when it rained the day before the solar equipment was scheduled to be installed on their home. Thankfully, the weather cooperated, and the Hang family now has solar. GRID Alternatives Central Valley, thanks the Hang family for trusting us with solarizing their home. Also, we would like to thank Joshua for waking up early and spending four hours of his morning smoking tri-tip for us. The food was delicious!

We all enjoy serving the families in our community. Spread the word about how we help families lower their energy expenses with solar from GRID Alternatives!