Marissa Torres: Driven to Serve


January 31, 2017
Marissa standing outside of the office

Marissa Torres sits at the reception desk at GRID Central Valley eagerly typing away. She is always quiet and polite but one should not mistake the dynamic force that lingers within this young woman. She is a star on the rise with a mission to serve. GRID Alternatives is very proud to make her a permanent part of the family after her year of service through SolarCorps.

Marissa is ambitious and driven to serve others. She is a United States Military Veteran and Certified Nursing Assistant. Her passions for helping people and serving her community make her a great Outreach Coordinator.

“I enjoy being able to help multiple families. As an Outreach Coordinator, I build relationships with my clients. I hear and see their life struggles. It warms my heart when they give me a call or send a letter of appreciation.” 

In addition to giving her the opportunity to learn about the solar industry and help low-income residents, Marissa’s SolarCorps year of service gave her a great opportunity to build confidence in her communication skills. Canvassing neighborhoods as an outreach fellow allowed Marissa to challenge herself and overcome her shyness. Through this experience, she gracefully emerged from her shell as an Outreach Coordinator and a cherished member of the GRID staff.

Marissa and CV staff at Solarthon
Solarthon 2016

Outreach Manager Alicia Bohigian had no choice other than to hire Marissa after seeing the great things she has to offer. She only has great things to say about her.

“Marissa went above and beyond. She is disciplined and passionate about her work. She embraces GRID’s mission and truly cares for the families she serves. Marissa earned her position.”

Marissa is always happy to be of service to others. She even spent last Veteran’s Day weekend giving back to her community. Rather than taking a day off to enjoy the holiday celebrated in their honor, five Veteran women came together to install a 3.5 kW solar system for the Almanza Family.

“I was honored to be part of a Veteran’s build on Veteran’s Day weekend.”

GRID Alternatives is grateful for such a dedicated employee. Marissa’s selfless outlook along with her intelligence and drive make her an unstoppable force. She will continue to impact society, preventing pollution and helping low-income homeowners save money by going solar with GRID Alternatives!  

Marissa helping with an install

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