Transforming Communities through GRID

GRID Alternatives Central Valley received the Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) Implementation Grant in partnership with the Strategic Growth Council (SGC) and City of Fresno working hand-in-hand to bring the benefit of solar to Southwest Fresno by installing 183 kilowatts of solar photovoltaic systems on 60 single-family homes in Southwest Fresno. GRID also hosted energy efficiency workshops classes and community outreach activities on solar qualifications, training opportunities, and educating the community on energy efficiency and consumer behaviors that save money on electrical utility bills. 100% of the project beneficiaries have been low-income families falling below 80% annual median income (AMI) in the TCC project area and GRID will provide technical support to homeowners during the post-installation warranty period.

The Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) Implementation Grant, is a bold and historic program, with the broad goals of reducing greenhouse gas emission, improving public health and environmental benefits, and providing pathways for local economic and workforce development. It is designed to transform communities that have historically experienced underinvestment and in some cases disinvestment, communities which also face higher levels of poverty, pollution, and poor air quality. This grant and partnership is dedicated to serving communities by providing reliable energy on rooftops in Southwest Fresno.

GRID has been very successful in fulfilling the terms of the grant and is coming close to the completion of the installations. There are only 15 solar installations available to complete the grant. Could you be one of those lucky recipients? Do you live in one of our three TCC zip codes, 93706, 93721 or 93701? Call us to see if you qualify for a system on your roof top.