Valley women step up for solar

On Saturday, June 28th, GRID Alternatives Central Valley kicked off its participation in GRID's National Women in Solar Initiative with an all-women’s crew providing installation expertise. On this crew were six extraordinary women from the surrounding area that helped install solar on a Habitat for Humanity home located in Clovis, California. GRID’s qualifying homeowner Brandy Dickey, a former nurse, was touched to see the combined passion, dedication, and enthusiasm of all volunteers participating on the project. “I feel like I have won the lottery. With the help of these amazing women my family’s needs are being met.”

The installation crew arrived at 7 a.m. ready to begin its assignment. The installation group consisted of two job trainees one from C.V.O.C. and the other from Proteus, Inc. looking to gain work experience in the industry, as well as two students looking towards engineering careers and interested in the future of renewable energy.  The crew also included two community members whose passion is about the environment and energy conservation.  The excitement and comradery continued throughout the day as the women worked side-by-side installing a 3.27 kW system. Cheers and smiles concluded the installation, as Brandy proudly flipped the switch on her brand new solar system.

Trinidad Higareda, job trainee from the Central Valley Opportunities Center located in Winton, enjoyed the opportunity to participate and learn new skills. Interested in the design aspect of the system as well as GRID’s installation process, Trinidad is currently working on becoming a team leader, stating that, “Women are as tough as nails, however, you don’t see many women out in the field. The women in solar initiatives gives me the opportunity to work and do something that I really enjoy.”

We are looking forward to increasing the representation of women in the solar industry through our partnership and support from SunEdison.