Family of Seven Goes Solar in Lynwood: Meet the Ayala Family


December 05, 2011

GRID Alternatives installed a 3.6kW solar electric system for Javier and Martha Ayala with the help of Wells Fargo volunteers as part of the Greater Los Angeles Solarthon event at a new Habitat for Humanity development in Lynwood on November 5th, 2011.

Javier and Martha have been Lynwood residents for twenty years and were living in a two bedroom apartment in a high crime area with their five children before moving in to their new home. Javier works as a machinist, and Martha (pictured here, front row, third from right) volunteers to help at-risk youth and is passionate about helping to make a cleaner, healthier environment in her community.

“I love the idea of getting electricity from the sun!” says Martha Ayala. “I have waited so long for the moment to see solar panels in my community and to now have them installed on my own home makes me very happy! “

“Having a solar home changes my life in many ways,” Ms. Ayala adds. “I am reducing my carbon footprint and sending a message that we can move away from fossil fuels to produce electricity. My family is learning how to conserve energy and think green.”

The Ayala’s system will produce over 200,00 kWh of clean solar power over its lifetime, and will reduce over 100 tons of greenhouse gases, the equivalent of planting more than 300 trees. But their new solar electric system is bringing important economic benefits to the Ayala family as well.

“Saving money on our electricity bills will help us focus on other important expenses,” Martha Ayala says. “I want to buy good healthy food for my family.”

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