GLA completes 1st Carson installation and expands into Orange County


October 25, 2011

On Thursday October 25th GRID GLA embarked upon its 1st installation in Carson. This is significant because Carson is home to the GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles office. A 1 Kilowatt system was installed for the Rodriguez family. They were thrilled upon the completion of their new solar electric power system, and the volunteers were elated to be a part of the 1st installation in our home city.

GRID GLA furthered its march into new territory by installing three solar electric systems in Fullerton. These systems ranged in size from 1.2 to 2.4 Kilowatts. We want to thank all of our volunteers and our homeowners who opened their homes and gave their time in order to help in our expansion efforts. Please stay tuned to join our efforts in Orange County. We are on the move and the sky is the limit!

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