GRID IE Job Training Partnerships that Make a Difference

Providing solar installation training to individuals who want to enter the solar industry is a crucial component of GRID Alternatives Inland Empire’s (GRID IE) community work. Accessibility to hands-on solar installation training gives individuals the skills needed to land and secure a job in a good paying and growing industry. Therefore, GRID strives to connect trainees to as many opportunities available, including paid training opportunities. 

The Covid-19 pandemic threw a curve ball to GRID’s solar training programs by limiting individual participation and program availability. Fortunately, GRID strongly believes in partnering with other entities to make a bigger impact together than alone. GRID strategically partnered with solar installation company, Sunrun, to assist in placing paid-job trainees on Sunrun SOMAH projects. This partnership allows GRID to continue connecting job trainees with paid, hands-on opportunities on local solar installations while meeting SOMAH job-training requirements.

Thanks to GRID IE’s partnership with Sunrun, GRID IE has connected 11 trainees to 13 Sunrun SOMAH projects throughout the Inland Empire, for a total of over 2,000 hours of paid training. Additionally, many of these trainees have secured jobs in the solar installation industry. Javier Lara and Luis Antonio Amador are currently Construction SolarCorps Fellows at the GRID IE regional office. Edgar Ponce and Robert Bruce were hired by Sunrun to join its team.

SOMAH projects require trainees to complete at least 40 hours or more training from qualified SOMAH job training providers. GRID IE is a qualified SOMAH provider where people can get training and qualify for these paid opportunities 

GRID IE is committed to providing job-training opportunities to Inland Empire communities, despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. We encourage individuals to join the next Virtual IBT Class from June 21st to July 2nd, to meet the requirements for paid-training  opportunities with Sunrun and SOMAH projects. For more information about this opportunity, fill out the interest form HERE

For questions and more information about training opportunities at GRID IE, please reach out to Workforce and Volunteer Program Specialist, Sandra Romero at