GRID Volunteer Proves Age is Just a Number


April 23, 2018

At 92 years of age, Elizabeth Feygo is more vivacious, astute and full of life than most people half her age. Elizabeth lived in Buffalo, New York most of her early years before moving to California to be closer to her two adult daughters. Although she worked in a broad range of fields, the common thread of all her previous jobs were customer related. She worked as a waitress, in a Social Security office, and even at a carnival serving ice cream. It is very clear that Elizabeth enjoys working with people. Her wit, charm, charisma and warmth is infectious to everyone who encounters her. “I like to stay active,” said Elizabeth. “I have always preferred jobs that kept me on my feet rather than being stuck behind a desk sitting all day.”

When her youngest daughter Lisa began working at GRID Alternatives, Elizabeth admired her exceptional work ethics and drive, even despite challenges that sometimes come with raising eight children. “I’ve always been her support system,” she said.

Elizabeth had no knowledge of the solar industry prior to her daughter working at GRID. However, that quickly changed when her volunteer experience began. In the beginning stages prior to the establishment of office space for GRID IE, she volunteered to help sending out mailers from the kitchen table at her home.

Her daughter Lisa now serves as manager of GRID IE’s  Tribal Program, and Elizabeth has enjoyed the many trips she has taken with her daughter over the years, assisting with outreach in locations including Lake Havasu, Bishop, and throughout Coachella Valley. In addition, she has also attended solar installations, city council meetings, and various presentations throughout the Inland Empire.

“I enjoy being a part of GRID’s mission to help low income families by helping them to reduce their electricity costs, while also benefiting the environment,” she said. Elizabeth mentioned GRID is also at the forefront of breaking down barriers that used to limit women from being in fields such as solar technology, through its Women in Solar Program. “I think it is great that women are able to do jobs that in earlier years were not readily accessible to us,” stated Elizabeth.

GRID offers extensive hands-on training in multiple fields of solar technology. GRID equips volunteers and trainees with important knowledge about the solar industry, as well as the ability to obtain field experience through our Team Leader Program. Individuals who achieve Team Leader status can apply their experience to the NABCEP installation professional certification.

“I would advise a person to work hard to obtain your goals and learn as much as you can. GRID has great programs for trainees to learn everything they need to know about solar technology.” When Elizabeth is not volunteering for GRID, this amazing lady can be found enjoying a brisk walk through her neighborhood, swimming in the community pool, or even enjoying piano lessons.

To learn more or sign up for free job training, visit If you are a homeowner and would like to see if you qualify for GRID’s no cost solar, visit or call 951.465.2864.