If you haven’t heard – GRID Alternatives reached the milestone of 10,000 solar electric systems installed for underserved households nationwide. Read More >
Spread awareness about solar energy and energy access during Solar Education Week, April 15-21, 2018, by hosting or attending an event inf your community! Read More >
Last year, GRID Mid-Atlantic hosted its first We Build, an all-women's solar build, providing space for women with the same passion for renewable energy to work together and gain tehnical skills in the industry. Read More >
When Kaly applied for the GRID SolarCorps Construction Fellowship, she was just perusing Craigslist for a job training opportunity that would keep a roof over her and her mom's head while gaining valuable skills. Read More >
On June 27, 2017, Pamela went solar and installed solar. Getting up on the rooftop and installing her own solar panels is one of her favorite memories of GRID. Read More >
Cate was first introduced to solar while working in development and agriculture in Chad in the 1990s, and fell in love with solar. She decided to learn everything she could about solar energy, and volunteered with GRID to gain experience. Read More >
Circa News' Alexandra Hines joined GRID Alternatives for Tyrone's install, and talked with him about his solar savings. Read More >
One year ago, Reggie and Devonta were working on their applications for the Mayor Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), to get a summer job. Little did they know they would find themselves a year later as full-time AmeriCorps members, completing a year of service installing solar in the community with a brand new career path. Read More >
On Klensy’s first day at Solar Works DC, he didn’t know too much about solar. “I had wanted to work in solar, but the first day, I didn’t understand too much,” he says, “I wasn’t sure what racking was, what modules were… but now, everything is so easy.” Now, Klensy is a seasoned installer, working for New Columbia Solar. Read More >
My favorite moments of this year were meeting the fall Solar Works DC cohort on their first day in September, and then seeing them all graduate the program 12 weeks later. Read More >