It’s been a year since Solar Works DC launched - see the impacts to date! Read More >
“A foreign environment” is how Thomas describes the first time he volunteered with GRID – installing solar on two to three stories roofs. Read More >
“GRID helped save my life.” These were the exact words from a GRID client and new homeowner, who faced paying a mortgage and high electric bills — leaving her stressed and financially depleted. This is a situation that I know oh so well. Read More >
On Friday, May 25th, 22 trainees took another step closer to a career in solar by graduating the Solar Works DC program. Read More >
Savings for you, clean power for your community. Introducing the Energy for All Program! Read More >
Drew found out about Solar Works DC through Indeed, and decided to apply for the job training program to develop skills for a career, and was happy he was able to jump into something new and different. Read More >
After being laid off, Batrina went to the Department of Employment Services looking for a job. It was there she learned about Solar Works DC, and applied for the program because of her interest in sustainability and living off grid. Read More >
“I had a pizza delivery job, I wasn’t really making money, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with myself.” At 21 years-old, DC native Reginald “Reggie” Chandler was facing an uncertain future before he became a GRID Alternatives SolarCorps Fellow. Read More >
Nijah first found out that she like math and science in middle school. “There’s just something about math,” she says, “it’s complicated and easy at the same time.” Read More >
A career in solar doesn’t require any formal degrees to earn a livable wage. Of our Fall cohort that graduated in December, fifty percent already have jobs in a solar or related industry, thanks to the experience they received through Solar Works DC. Read More >