Solar Spring Break

Come soak up some rays on your winter or spring break while learning to install solar and bringing clean, renewable power to families in need!

GRID Alternatives' Solar Spring Break is a service-learning program that gives college students from around the country the opportunity to spend their vacation week installing solar in underserved communities. More than that, students learn how the power of the sun can bring real-world benefits to real-world economic problems. Our 2020-21 season pending. Check back in the Fall!

"Solar Spring Break really opened my eyes as to how new science and engineering technologies can be combined with helping those in need.   
-- Allie Shepard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“I'm really interested in renewables and having hands-on experience really helped me understand the industry better."
-- Shomik Verma, Duke University

"My Solar Spring Break experience was magical to say the least. I gained a new perspective on the importance of solar energy and organizations like GRID Alternatives."
-- Kyle Weiner, North Carolina State University

Summary of Team Roles


Important Dates: 

Solar Spring Break Registration Pending!

  • Deadline for Solar Spring Break winter trip registration -- October 04, 2019
  • Deadline for Solar Spring Break spring or summer trip registration -- November 15, 2019* (noon PT/3pm ET)
  • Deadline for Intercollegiate Student Leader application -- November 15, 2019
  • Deadline for Intercollegiate Student Team Member application -- November 25, 2019 (noon PT/3pm ET)

*The registration deadline for an International trip is at least nine months before the trip start date

Participate as an individual on the Solar Spring Break Intercollegiate Team

Students from schools across the country are coming together to participate in a Solar Spring Break experience.

In 2020, th Solar Spring Break season was affected by COVID-19 like many other alternative break programs. Check out our 2020 blog to learn more

Thank you to the following colleges and universities who engaged in the Solar Spring Break Service-Learning Curriculum!

California State University, East Bay

Duke University

Fort Lewis College

George Mason University

Georgia Institute of Technology

Miami Dade College

Michigan State University

North Carolina State University

University of Arizona

University of California, Berkeley

University of California, Santa Cruz

Villanova University

Wenworth Institute of Technology

Shoutout to the following colleges and universities represented on the  Intercollegiate Solar Spring Break Team in 2020!

Virginia Polytechnical and State University

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Appalachia State University

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