Solar Spark Collegiate Conference

Thank you for attending Solar Spark! Your presence and engagement helped to create a nourishing and energizing event that wove information, meaning, and connection together with renewable energy and environmental justice.

Solar Spark was a virtual collegiate conference that took place in April 2021.  Organized by a group of student volunteers in collaboration with GRID Alternatives, this event was filled with thought leadership on environmental equity and sustainability. Sessions focusing on policy, tech, and community action were balanced with sustainability-themed art and movement activities to create a well-rounded and meaningful conference experience.

Attendees connected with experts, employers, and peers, and enjoyed workshops, panels, and discussions focused on the following:

  • Learning from luminaries in the field about the solar energy industry, innovative renewable energy technologies, energy justice, policy, and the future of solar through student-led interviews and discussions with industry experts. 
  • Connecting with organizations and career pathways that support clean, renewable energy, as well as meeting industry employers and learning about internships, fellowships, and entry-level positions.
  • Getting to know other college students who share a passion for an equitable and sustainable energy future.

Connecting with a clean energy movement and envisioning a more sustainable and just future takes a very real commitment of time and energy. We appreciate everyone who came to Solar Spark brimming with questions, insights, and aspirations and who helped build a collective momentum to move us towards the better future that our hearts know is possible.

Thank you to our attendees, presenters, and sponsors for making Solar Spark such a wonderful event!