Solar Spark Collegiate Conference

We are excited to be hosting Solar Spark in Spring 2021, a virtual collegiate conference focused on environmental equity and sustainability that will be put on by students and for students!

Solar Spark is a virtual collegiate conference filled with thought leadership on environmental equity and sustainability. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with experts, employers, and peers through an online collegiate community experience.  Sustainability-themed art and culture activities compliment sessions focusing on policy, tech, and community action to create a well-rounded and meaningful conference experience. 

Are you a student interested in attending this spring conference (taking place April 1-4)? If so, you will be able to enjoy workshops, discussions, and training in solar (and related technologies) and environmental justice through an online collegiate community experience. You can look forward to:

  • Learning from luminaries in the field about the solar energy industry, innovative renewable energy technologies, energy justice, policy, and the future of solar through student-led interviews and discussions with industry experts. 
  • Connecting with organizations and career pathways that support clean, renewable energy, as well as meeting industry employers and learning about internships, fellowships, and entry-level positions.
  • Getting to know other college students who share a passion for an equitable and sustainable energy future.

We want to make this conference as accessible as possible to students and do not want cost to be a barrier to attendance. Please get in touch to learn about how school sponsorship can cover attendance costs for you and others. You are also encouraged to request a scholarship to attend at no cost if your school is not able to sponsor you. More information is included below. 

For more information on sponsorship or signing up, please email

Attend Solar Spark!

If your school or program is sponsoring you, you will be able to enter your sponsorship code during checkout to cover the cost of the ticket. If you would like to attend but do not have school sponsorship and would like to request a scholarship to join the conference at no cost, please complete this short questionnaire. If approved, you will receive a code for free attendance.