NextGen Training Academy: Women in Solar

NextGen Training Academy: Women in Solar

Women’s voices, talents, and leadership are essential to building a strong and sustainable solar industry, and they’re needed now. Women are underrepresented in solar: while women make up 47% of the U.S. workforce, they make up just 30% of the U.S. solar workforce. 

The NextGen Training Academy’s Women in Solar program will include hands-on training and classroom instruction to help create new pathways for community members identifying as women to enter the solar industry. 

“It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, mainly because it was all women. We trusted each other and it was so collaborative.”

Rachel Carillo, participant at a GRID Mid-Atlantic all-women “We Build” installation

NextGen Training Academy: Women in Solar


Program Overview

  • Program partners include local government agencies and non-profit organizations
  • Program length: Four weeks (two days per week) 
  • Curriculum includes classroom education and hands-on solar training, which includes: 
    • Classroom instruction of GRID’s Installation Basics Training, safety demonstrations, career opportunities in solar, and more
    • Hands-on training on mock roof, allowing participants to learn how to install panels firsthand
  • In addition to hands-on classroom training, participants may have the opportunity to take part in an all-woman We Build installation led by GRID Mid-Atlantic
  • Participants will graduate with a greater understanding of the solar industry and career opportunities to participate in solar 

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