NextGen Training Academy: Solar Futures

NextGen Training Academy: Solar Futures

As experts in hands-on solar installation training, GRID Mid-Atlantic has a wealth of knowledge to pass onto the next generation of solar leaders. The NextGen Training Academy’s Solar Futures program translates this expertise to high school juniors and seniors, teaching them about solar power and the career opportunities in the solar industry.

GRID Mid-Atlantic has previously implemented Solar Futures programming with students at HD Woodson STEM High School, Phelps High School, and Howard Gardner School.

“I was thinking, ‘How could (Solar Futures) help me through the rest of my life?’ I can say I know a bit about solar now. That just opened my eyes to thousands of other companies.” 

Dimant’e McLeod, Solar Futures alumni from H.D. Woodson High School  

NextGen Training Academy: Solar Futures


Program Overview

  • High school students selected in partnership with DC Public Schools, DC Charter Schools, and other organizations
  • Program length: four weeks (two days per week)
  • Curriculum includes classroom education and hands-on solar training, which includes: 
    • Classroom instruction of GRID’s Installation Basics Training, safety demonstrations, career opportunities in solar, and more
    • Hands-on training on mock roof, allowing students to learn how to install panels firsthand
  • Participants will graduate with a greater knowledge of opportunities in the solar industry and steps required to pursue solar careers

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