CO - Colorado Staff

Adrienne has over fifteen years of combined experience working in the fields of energy efficiency, solar energy, sustainability, and land conservation. She served as Deputy Director for GRID Alternatives Colorado prior to moving into the Executive Director position in 2018. Prior to joining GRID Alternatives Colorado, she worked in the governmental sector-leading innovative programs and projects at both the state and local level. Her experience includes leading a statewide initiative designed to expand access to community solar for low-income households in Colorado and building and leading the first Sustainability Office for Adams County, Colorado. She holds a master’s degree in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of Denver and a bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources Management from Colorado State University. She was also recognized as one of the 40 Top Women in Energy by the Denver Business Journal in 2019. When not in the office, you can find her enjoying the outdoors with her husband, son, and three dogs.


Kam was born and raised in London, England and has lived in Colorado for over twenty five years. A mechanical engineer by trade, he worked in various European countries in the manufacturing sector. Prior to working at GRID, he worked locally in the residential energy efficiency field and managed the operations for a local low-income weatherization agency.
Sr. Construction Manager
Residential Rooftop Program Manager
Residential Solar Installation Supervisor
Residential Jr. Solar Installation Supervisor
Residential Solar Installation Supervisor
Commercial Sr. Install Supervisor
Commercial Solar Installation Supervisor
PV Designer & Operations Manager
CO - SolarCorp Fellow
CO - SolarCorp Fellow
CO - SolarCorp Fellow


Matt McNearney leads GRID Colorado’s Outreach Department and develops new projects and partnerships with government agencies, regional electric co-ops, local utilities, and public/private organizations throughout Colorado. He has an extensive solar background, including authoring two books on the financial viability of residential and commercial solar projects.
Development Officer


Chelsea joined GRID Alternatives Colorado as the Outreach Coordinator in 2020. Chelsea has a long history of working with non-profits in Outreach Services and Case Management roles. With this background, Chelsea is well equipped in working with clients and community partners. Outside of overseeing the application process, Chelsea builds connections with community organizations and informs the community of the solar programs available to them through GRID. In her free time, Chelsea advocates for affordable and safe housing, food security, and sustainability in the Fashion Industry. If you are interested in free solar, please apply now! Click our ‘Get Solar’ link at the top of the page to get started! Chelsea is excited to hear from you and stoked to get you started in the process!
Mikkela is an environmental enthusiast with a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in sustainable food systems from the University of Colorado - Boulder. Her professional experience includes 10 years as a copywriter and editor, as well as serving as the regenerative agriculture campaign coordinator for 350CO and the special projects director for the Colorado Local Science Engagement Network. She has been published by Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics as the lead author on a food system workers briefing booklet, acknowledged for her contributions to an article on ethics of food waste published in Physiology and Behavior, and co-led a project in collaboration with the Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force on impact investing to reduce deforestation. When she’s not working, you can find her going on long (long!) walks with her husband, studying Spanish, and searching for the best food in the Denver area.

Workforce & Volunteering

Brittany Heller has been in the solar industry in a variety of roles since 2015. She began her solar career in residential sales back in New Orleans. She then moved to Colorado where she completed an Americorp SolarCorp Construction Fellowship with GRID Alternatives, building a wide portfolio of solar projects all benefiting low-income families. In April 2018, she began her role as Workforce & Volunteer Program Manager. Brittany holds two NABCEP certifications - PV Installation Professional and PV Technical Sales. She was awarded the NABCEP Women in Solar Scholarship from the Georgia Solar Energy Association. When she isn't talking about solar, she can be found gardening, working as a volunteer scuba diver at the Denver Aquarium, or hiking with her dogs in the mountains.
Solar Installation Trainer
Workforce and Volunteer Program Coordinator