The Opportunity to be Great

GRID Colorado’s newest intern, Ray, is working alongside GRID’s construction team in order to build a career in electrical work that will give him the opportunity to set out on his own. 

“I want to learn everything solar from point A to Point B, from the site map, to how everything is wired, I just want to know how to do it all on my own, and that is what (GRID) can provide for me.” 

Ray grew up in Denver, but had to move around a lot, and life didn’t always give him the opportunities to build a future for himself. “Times were hard, we weren’t always able to have food in the house, I tried to help out paying bills, but I couldn’t really make school a priority because having a roof over my head was more important.” 

After nearly 12 years of being in and out of the court system, since he was eleven years old, Ray is off probation, and finally able to start building the future he wants for himself. “A place like this (GRID)...they give you an opportunity to try to be great at what I’m trying to do…(GRID) gives people a chance that have backgrounds… and that is a beautiful thing, I support that in so many ways.” 

Ray found GRID through Paul Gonzales, whose organization Life-Line is an incredible community partner of GRID, and credits his girlfriend April with keeping him focused and building the habits of success. Ray’s focus is now on learning all the ins and outs of solar, and is working towards getting his NABCEP certifications that will allow him to advance his career in the industry. With an eye on the electrical side of things, he has registered with DORA and GRID’s master electrician Mike to start earning electrical hours. 

Ray has been an amazing addition to GRID’s construction team that has a packed pipeline of work in 2023 with 6 installations on local Denver nonprofits as well as 130 residential homes. There is a lot of opportunity in the solar industry currently, and Ray is leading by example. Thank you Ray for all your work and support of our mission. 

“If you’re trying to change and you want an opportunity, GRID helps you out with that.”