High School students gain experience installing solar power


March 07, 2013

Students in the green energy manufacturing academy at Ceres High School got out of the classroom and onto a rooftop to install solar power. This was the second installation that Ceres High school completed in the city of Livingston in conjunction with the Central Valley GRID Alternatives office.

Hellen Valle and Lizzy Magna, both seniors at Ceres High School, helped wire the inverter where direct current is converted to alternating current electricity. Hellen and Lizzy are sports enthusiasts and very active on campus. Hellen is on the swim team and Lizzy plays tennis on the varsity team. “In tennis we often play doubles and it requires a lot of communication with your tennis partner, said Lizzy. “By working as a team to install the inverter it tested and improved my communication skills."

The installation took place at the home of the Guzman family. Raul Guzman works on a farm and Ana Guzman is a stay at home mom who takes care of the children: Benjamin is eleven years old, David is eight years old, and Marilyn is four years old. The oldest child, Benjamin, was born with cerebral palsy and Ana takes close care of him. “Now he is doing better with therapy,” Ana Guzman said.

Raul Guzman took time off work to help the students with the installation. "“The work of GRID Alternatives and the volunteers will help me better provide for my family, save money, and contribute to a cleaner environment,”" said Raul Guzman. “"Thank you for everyone that contributes to these solar projects and for the impact it has on families like mine,"” said Raul Guzman.

Click here to view pictures of the install.