Steven Frazier


August 16, 2011

Three years ago, Steven lost his eyesight and soon after lost his career. GRID Alternatives worked with Steven to install a solar electric system for his home, helping him keep his expenses manageable while living on a part-time income and disability assistance.

Steven works part-time for the City of Fresno and was referred to GRID Alternatives through the Fresno Housing Authority Community Partnership Program. GRID Alternatives staff worked with Steven to determine his eligibility and help him apply for a free solar electric system under the SASH Program.

Steven was very excited about the opportunity to have solar power. "I've always been green conscious and tried to conserve energy," he said, "but this solar panel thing is an opportunity to save even more."

GRID Alternatives Central Valley office installed a 3.2kW solar electric system on Steven's home in February 2010. This system is estimated to reduce Steven's electric utility bill by 69%. "If I was possibly ever laid off by the city, I wouldn't have power bills that could basically maybe even cause me to lose my house," said Steven.

Steven admires the community spirit evident in GRID Alternatives' program model and volunteers. "This has just been an outstanding deal," he said. "I think it's really cool the way the volunteers in the program come and learn, and a lot of them are students, some of them are trying to get their own businesses started, making their resumes look better, or just nice people who want to help people who aren't so fortunate."