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When Javier Pinos first came to GRID Alternatives last spring to volunteer he was studying Level 2 Photovaltaics at the East Los Angeles Skills Center. He was eager to work with GRID on an actual solar electric installation for a local low-income family to complement his academic learning and gain the hands-on experience that would prepare him for employment. Read More >
GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles closed out the last days of March with solar electric systems installed at no cost for two low-income families on 124th Street in Compton. These solar installation projects were supported by a grant from the Southern California Gas Company, which is supporting 25 solar electric installations for low-income families in 2012 as part of their Bettering the Air We Breathe Campaign. Read More >
On Friday June 10th, GRID Alternatives completed its 1000th solar electric system installation for low-income families throughout the state of California. This milestone took place at the home of Ms. Celia Juarez as part of the Enterprise East Los Angeles Green Grant Program. Read More >
"Living in Japan, you see how everything they do is based on saving something, whether it's energy, water or other resources," said Norm Graham. "That's the life they live. Every other house in Japan had solar panels. I thought "why can't we have that here in America?" Read More >
GRID Alternatives installed a 3.6kW solar electric system for Javier and Martha Ayala with the help of Wells Fargo volunteers as part of the Greater Los Angeles Solarthon event at a new Habitat for Humanity development in Lynwood on November 5th, 2011. Read More >
GRID Greater Los Angeles hosted its first women's build this past weekend. Women from as far as Washington DC, Delaware, Colorado and Arizona and as close as East LA and Santa Monica came together to cooperatively install a 1.8 kW system for the Galarza family in Watts. Read More >
On November 5th volunteers, sponsors, job trainees and GRID Alternatives staff from all over the state got together to successfully install 10 solar electric systems for 10 families in 1 day. Despite rain on Friday the skies opened up on Saturday for what turned out to be a warm and sunny afternoon. This provided the perfect backdrop for what was an overall wonderful community based event. Read More >
On Thursday October 25th GRID GLA embarked upon its 1st installation in Carson. This is significant because Carson is home to the GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles office. A 1 Kilowatt system was installed for the Rodriguez family. They were thrilled upon the completion of their new solar electric power system, and the volunteers were elated to be a part of the 1st installation in our home city. Read More >
Southern California Edison (SCE) & GRID Alternatives had been in talks to collaborate on a solar installation project. The fruits of the talks were recently realized when the two organizations joined together in Duarte, California. Read More >
Last week a group of wonderful employees of Sony Pictures Entertainment in Culver City joined forces with GRID Alternatives to install a 1.9 kW-AC solar electric system for the Zendejas family in Watts, Los Angeles. The experience was rewarding not only for the Sony team but also for GRID staff and the Zendejas family. Read More >


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