Hannon Armstrong volunteers see benefits of renewable energy investment on install


October 08, 2019
Two volunteers from Hannon Armstrong hold up a solar panel on the ground as two staff members from GRID pull it up onto the roof.

The crew of volunteers from Hannon Armstrong arrived to the job site in waves, one after another. By mid-morning nine volunteers were present, some coming from as far away as Annapolis, to assist GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic in finishing a solar installation on Sept. 11 in the Benning Ridge neighborhood of Northeast D.C. 

Well before they arrived that morning, the nine volunteers had contributed significantly to advancing renewable energy. Hannon Armstrong, which is based in Annapolis, is an investment company “solely dedicated to investments that reduce carbon emissions or increase resilience to climate change.” 

The installation with GRID Mid-Atlantic provided an opportunity for Hannon Armstrong’s employees to see the direct impacts of renewable energy investment. For some, it was their first time on an install — others stepped foot on a roof for the first time. 

One volunteer, Gil, brought a camera and clicked away throughout the day. The installation was an opportunity to capture Hannon Armstrong’s volunteers enjoying a day outside of the office while also participating in an activity that gave back to the D.C. community. 

With nine volunteers, work got done quickly. Perry and Sean helped get the panels from the ground onto the roof, while Guy, Abby, Andrea, Gil, and Chaz learned how the panels connected to the client’s existing electrical infrastructure. Many volunteers eventually went up onto the roof to connect and secure 11 panels. 

The installation — some aspects of which were completed the previous day — was finalized just after lunch. 

Thanks to the DC Sustainable Energy Utility and the Solar For All program, the solar energy system was installed at no cost to the Anderson family, who owned the home. Solar For All, a program of D.C.’s Department of Energy and Environment, seeks to provide the benefits of solar electricity to 100,000 low-income households and reduce their energy bills by 50% by 2032. The program, which was established by the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Expansion Amendment Act of 2016, is funded by the Renewable Energy Development Fund (REDF).

The Anderson family is expected to save $484 in energy costs per year and $11,325 in total thanks to the 3.08-kilowatt system. The panels are also projected to prevent 64.7 tons of carbon emissions, the equivalent of taking 12 cars off the road for a year or planting 1,505 trees. 

Companies like Hannon Armstrong that invest in GRID Mid-Atlantic workdays are investing in positive, measurable impacts in their community and demonstrating a commitment to environmental sustainability. A corporate workday with GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic not only demonstrates your company's commitment to your local community and to the environment but also engages your group in a fun and educational team-building project with tangible, long-term benefits for a family in need.

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