One More Campaign: June


June 16, 2015

“We DID Do It!” 

Ruth Monroe, our featured One More homeowner this month, has led an amazing life.

At 83, Ruth told us about her amazing life that included being one of the Rosie Riveters during WWI. Ruth has always looked towards the future. During WWII, she joined the war effort as a reservist marine, building fighter planes. Afterwards, she worked for Howard Hughes as a technical writer. In the 60’s, she was a part of several civil rights campaigns. She is someone who is constantly giving back to her community.

Joe, her son, has been a volunteer for us for awhile now. He knew that solar would be a great addition to his childhood home. When he told his mother about us and that solar would save her and the environment she was on board!

At Ruth’s build we were happy to meet several volunteers from Union Bank. Men and women who took time out of their busy schedules to give like Ruth has always done. We were happy to share Ruth’s build and story with the hardworking volunteers. It is always wonderful to see people coming together to help someone who has done so much.

The sun has been rising over Ruth Monroe's house for decades since she bought it. Today, because of you and Union Bank, she is now One More person saving much needed money and making her neighborhood better.