Empowering the Bayview


January 24, 2013

Currently in the Bayview-Hunter’s point neighborhood, one in six children suffers from asthma, chronic illness is four times the state average, and infant mortality rate is the highest in the state. The solar systems installed by GRID Alternatives ameliorate these health hazards by preventing over 7,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s equivalent to planting 164,542 trees or taking 1,323 cars off the road! The benefits to the Bayview residents don’t stop there either; families will save over $2 million during the lifetime of the systems (and that’s not including what they will save on healthcare costs!).

Solar systems installed by GRID Alternatives are creating real changes for the community and for the families who live there. One such family, the Clary’s, have lived in the Bayview for several decades and are active community advocates for neighborhood improvement. Their solar installation is generating significant savings for them and for the environment, but it’s also inspiring others and increasing the benefits of solar. Explains Kathleen Clary, “...people in the neighborhood are inquiring about our installation - it’s an exciting thing!”

Each new solar system installed by GRID Alternatives provides an opportunity to educate the homeowner and the broader community about the promise and benefits of solar technology. Many GRID clients become passionate advocates of solar, educating their communities and helping to create a broader base of support for alternative energy.

Solar systems installed by GRID Alternatives in the Bayview neighborhood, and other hard-hit areas like it, are positively impacting families in need while improving the air quality across all of our communities.