SAVA students participate in GRID Solar Futures program

Last month, Sacramento Academic and Vocational Academy (SAVA) students participated in our Solar Futures program. SAVA is a 7th-12th grade public charter school in Sacramento offering a personalized education path for each of our students. Instead of the traditional one-size-fits-all classroom, SAVA seeks to motivate and encourage students to be independent learners.

Students Japoria and Marisol spent a week in our Technical Academy and learned all about solar and the importance of the clean energy economy of the future! Japoria stated “I really enjoyed learning about solar, and being in the Technical Academy was great. The best part about being in there was learning how to do the racking.” 

Our Solar Futures Program provides real-world applications for STEM education, partnering with high schools and youth programs to educate students on renewable energy and sustainability. Marisol said, “If it wasn’t for my teachers at SAVA I would have never learned these great skills. With the knowledge of solar, this will make a difference in how I choose my career.” As these young women continue their education through high school, we hope this experience sparks an interest in solar careers and we wish them much success in their future!