Sierra College Partners with GRID for Applied Math Curriculum!

Through a partnership with Sierra College, the North Valley office hosted a faculty externship in Grass Valley for math professors on August 6 & 7.  GRID worked with the professors to learn more about math applications in the solar industry.  The purpose of externships are to give professors contemporary answers to the age old question of “When will I ever use math in real life?”

The externship was comprised of a two day installation with the math faculty team, and a classroom session to review mathematics involved in the design and installation process.  “Now, I can show students pictures and math involved with trying to figure out derating (a calculation used to find the efficiency of a solar panel) so the panels can sustain as much energy as possible” said Nevada County campus Math Professor Vicki Day, “we’re really excited to have this opportunity.”  

The externship is another example of how the gift of solar with GRID keeps on giving.  The two families will save more than $55,000 from their systems and divert 175 tons of greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere.  Math faculty will share with many more students practical and contemporary math applications for the solar industry.  The experience was a win for everyone involved; a unique and meaningful service-learning experience for professors in real-world technology applications, and a long-lasting gift to two single mothers in need.

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