Solarthon Spotlight: Engineer Jay Ruzicka


May 31, 2017

Blue Oak Energy Project Engineer and avid GRID Alternatives volunteer Jay Ruzicka, at his 2nd Solarthon, spoke with GRID staff about how GRID's work impacts training for the solar industry:

"I work with a company with a lot of new engineers, and I always encourage them to volunteer because I feel that hands-on experience makes people better designers. What I’ve found with people that volunteer with GRID is they really understand what solar is; they know the reality of how the projects go and what some of the challenges are.

It seems to me that if someone spent time with GRID they would be a valuable employee because they know what they are getting into. There is good training here, great safety standards and good explanations of what we’re doing at all times. GRID has a good perspective on training volunteers."