Greater Los Angeles

This year, we hope to bring hundreds of new families the benefits of clean, limitless energy from the sun. Read More >
Ryan says that one of his highest achievements is bringing people from his own community into training at GLA. Read More >
We put on our holiday best and set the year's work on hold for the night of our winter Volunteer Appreciation Party. Read More >
We echo The Corps Network, which singles you out for your influence "helping other young people make the right decisions and find their passions"! Read More >
Thanks to all of our present and future partners in Orange County, who are helping us magnify the impact of training by going solar! Read More >
Solar job fairs like this one are a fantastic vehicle to create equitable opportunities and directly connect our trainees to the solar industry. Read More >
For more than a year, GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles has been doing big things at Potter's Lane. Read More >
Solarthon 2019 was our fiftieth project in the South Gate city limits, and our largest. Read More >
"Sometimes we can forget that most borders are creations of history and politics that were imposed on the land and on the people living there." Read More >
This is the latest in a series of regular profiles introducing the GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles staff. Read More >


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