Finding our community roots during Earth Day

We're the type of people who would be happy if every day were Earth Day. But for most of our neighbors, this special occasion comes once a year! At GRID Alternatives, we understand that a key bottom line for us is the planet—Earth's future health and safety is tied the widespread adoption of renewables, and that means that we need to get our message about solar access out to all kinds of stakeholders . During Earth Day 2018 weekend, the GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles Outreach and Partnerships team traveled far and wide to connect with eco-friendly events. In the process, we let Angelenos from all walks of life know about the valuable opportunities that come with our investment in their communities.

Since Los Angeles is so diverse, we were luckily able to attend a thrillingly diverse array of Earth Day during the weekend. In North Long Beach, where we've helped many deserving residents go green, GRID teamed up with Councilmember Jeannine Pearce to increase awareness among local families at Burbank Elementary School. An hour north of there, in Highland Park, we were simultaneously talking to LA Sanitation stakeholders from adjacent neighborhoods about opportunities available to homeowners at Earth Day LA. Meanwhile, Inglewood puts on a fantastic and fun Earth Day Jazz Festival in its downtown. Our own Orlanda connected to folks from the community at the event, letting them know about the process of getting bill savings through solar energy while helping keep the Earth a place we can all thrive. And to cap off a busy Saturday, environmental organizations invited us to participate in a unique day in Watts that promised to teach teach attendees about sustainability opportunities like the upcoming MegaWatts Solar Project. There, too, GRID had representatives to educate and help!

Our Outreach and Partnerships staff spend their time and energy bringing solar to people who need it most, taking advantage of our unique model. It's an approach that sets us apart from other companies installing the same type of technology. When we bring solar to the neighborhood, it's a win for the entire population: families get bill savings, the individuals installing with us get job training and and opportunities to give back, cities get a new source of clean electricity, and the planet benefits from lower emissions. That's why more and more cities and organizations that build strong cities are getting in touch with Outreach and Partnerships! They want to know about how solar leads the way to a more equitable future – the kind where Earth Day feels like it's always happening – and we're pleased to let them know how we work together to make that a reality. Please get in touch with GRID to learn more.