We’re helping environmentally burdened communities across the country see a brighter, cleaner future for generations to come, like the families in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood.

Generating clean power: Bayview-Hunter's Point

Like many frontline communities, the Bayview-Hunter's Point neighborhood of San Francisco has a long history of environmental degradation: it houses one third of San Francisco's hazardous waste sites and was downwind from California's dirtiest peaker power plant until community activism forced its closure in 2010. One in six children there suffer from asthma, and the prevalence of chronic illness is four times the statewide average.

Since 2006, GRID Alternatives has partnered with the City of San Francisco to provide clean, renewable energy to more than 160 families in the Bayview-Hunter’s Point neighborhood that will offset 8,400 tons of C02 emissions.

Communities of color and low-income communities have faced the worst impacts of heavy industry and fossil fuel-based energy, and are the most affected by climate change. From our policy work to putting panels on the roof, GRID is partnering with environmental justice communities around the country to make sure residents can reap the benefits of clean energy technology.

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